Craig McMahon Architects

One of our featured partners is Craig McMahon architects.  His firm creates projects that allow clients to enjoy year-round outdoor living and working environments. They generate private courtyards by framing the yard with the house, garage, and other structures.

CMA is known for bringing exterior materials indoors, including wood, steel, and stone.  They create warm, lighted spaces with daylight.  They often visit the clients site multiple times to get the perfect, holistic view.  We appreciate that they enjoy developing ideas into functional, gorgeous spaces.

They have won dozens of awards and are featured in Parades of Homes throughout the region, including our 2018 entry.  MF Construction was proud to win Builder’s Choice as we partnered with CMA.  Craig McMahon has been featured in multiple issues of Best of American Living, Professional Builder, Home Design & Decor, Open Concept Houses, Qualified Remodeler, The American House, and others. His firm is based out of the greater San Antonio area.

Visit his website to learn more about his work.